5 Ways your brand can mean more.

Modern consumers are savvy consumers. They’re conscientious consumers. And, when they’re truly invested in a brand, they’re passionate consumers. Here are five ways your organization, whether you’re running a mom-and-pop restaurant, a community-based nonprofit or a global corporation, can MEAN MORE to those consumers—or, as they should be called, people. 1. Tell the true story [...]

10 things to be thankful for after 10 years of sustainability work.

Working in sustainability is a unique profession. The work can be mind-blowingly frustrating sometimes at any level. From leadership that doesn't value the possibilities of sustainable thinking to budgets that feel like table scraps, sustainability work can dole out a special style of torment all its own. So what keeps the soldiers of sustainability going full steam ahead? Value. There is value [...]

Hello from the MeanMore Blog.

Welcome to the MeanMore Blog, dedicated to telling stories about work that’s good for people, good for business. Here you'll find thoughts inspired by great work that affects the world beyond the workplace. After working for more than decade in sustainability and health + wellness, I've seen how the right communication can do a lot more than just [...]

The Ticket to Real Relationships? Your Brand’s Value System.

Using your brand’s value system as the lens for all your communication will ensure you’re connecting with the right audiences at the right time. Beyond the Noise In an era of seemingly endless possibilities to connect with audiences, it’s easy for brands to be overwhelmed. Should we be on every social media platform? Hop on [...]

Yes, your brand story means more. So, go on, tell it.

Here’s a modern day aisle scene: A couple turns the corner, entering the pastel land of baby shampoos. He’s pushing the shopping cart filled with healthy groceries, diapers, a stuffed animal and their sleeping newborn perched in her car seat on top. Mom scans her notebook, checking items off her list. There’s no need to [...]