Hello from the MeanMore Blog.


Welcome to the MeanMore Blog, dedicated to telling stories about work that’s good for people, good for business. Here you’ll find thoughts inspired by great work that affects the world beyond the workplace.

After working for more than decade in sustainability and health + wellness, I’ve seen how the right communication can do a lot more than just sell. It can change mindsets, behaviors and actions to help people. It can lift communities and make the world better. Most importantly for businesses, It can create a connection with customers that holds lasting value.

I see corporations and businesses, both big and small, as the leaders for true positive change in today’s world. My goal is to give them the right motivations and messages so they can have the impact they are truly capable of.

If we move beyond the bottom line to a focus on shared value systems, success will take care of itself. The proof is already out there showing that this is the future of communication and I plan on putting that proof on display here weekly.

If you want to know more about me and my experience in communication over the last two decades click here or visit MeanMore.net to see my work in action.

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